Our expertise

Partner farmers
Hectares of agricultural land
Standardised and certified organic references
Years of expertise in MFPP

Our natural extract productions

To produce and have produced natural extracts from plants from our agricultural sectors. The Bel Air Distillery organizes the appropriate processing of each ingredient and the precise formulation expected, according to rigorous processes in accordance with production objectives and adapted to the characteristics of each plant material. We ensure that they are strictly applied on a daily basis in our production units as well as with our referenced partners committed to professionalization and optimization of water and energy consumption.

Agricultural sectors

Design, co-finance and manage programmes for the establishment of new regenerative sectors or the transition of existing sectors with our agricultural partners, our industrial customers and their brands.

Through direct contracts with farmers and their technical support, La Distillerie Bel Air guarantees the implementation of progress towards regenerative production systems, for raw materials of optimal quality.

Quality approach

We deploy a complete quality management system guaranteeing the control of the supply chain, in particular supervising the biochemical and sensory analysis of batches, their traceability, the production of progress indicators and the provision of all documentation meeting the technical, marketing, normative and regulatory requirements of our customers.

Towards regenerative agriculture

The Bel Air Distillery builds and runs regenerative plant extract production channels in France and abroad. This is to support the development of formulated products, ever more natural, contributing to the good health of people, animals and their environment. 

Each step, from the field to the bottle, is thus able to give back to the Earth more than what the production used, to guarantee the improvement of ecosystems for future generations.

Our production

Our partner Distilleries and Farmers

The Bel Air Distillery offers the consumer product expertise at every stage of the production process, from the field to the bottle. We focus on sourcing raw materials from regions renowned for their specific terroir. As an indicator of purity and quality, respect for the geographical origin of the plant makes it possible to offer the best possible quality.The standards applied within our distilleries and at our partner farmers, make it possible to guarantee products sourced in their natural environment, environmentally friendly cultivation and sustainable production, offering high quality products.

Our cultures in France and around the world