Grow your brand, go natural

 The Bel Air Distillery, which specialises in natural formulations, designs highly effective products enriched with plant extracts.

Our solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of each of your target markets.

Do you want to launch your project ?

From custom development to our "turnkey" formulas, our experts are here to help you develop your brand.

We master the production of raw materials, formulation, manufacturing and regulations.

Expertise "from field to bottle", to help you stand out.

Our offers

Our turnkey formulas

Do you want to quickly launch a new product range under your brand without going through the development phase? We offer ranges that are immediately available and support you in the customisation of your packaging. Together, let's make your projects a reality quickly and efficiently.

Tailor-made development

Do you want to create new and unique products and benefit from our expertise in natural formulation ? Contact our team directly. We will evaluate your project carefully and guide you every step of the way to ensure its success.

Carry out your projects and develop products that stand out on the market.

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Our product ranges

Cosmetics & Care

Massage oil

Hair Oil

Lip and body balm

Floral waters

Waterless cosmetics

Animal cosmetics


Shower gel


Hand soap


Low-water hygiene products

Animal hygiene

Detergent & Maintenance

Soap powder

Multi-purpose cleaner

Floor cleaner, windows cleaner

Disinfectant cleaner

Low-water detergents

Toilet descaler

Home fragrances

Room spray

Diffuser Oils

Mood mist

Melting wax

Transform Your Brand Image

Discover our Eco-Friendly and Elegant Packaging

Discover our varied and innovative packaging options, which meet the needs of your customers while strengthening your brand identity.

Whether you are looking for a stylish, practical or eco-friendly solution, we have the right packaging for your products.

Each option is designed to protect the quality of your formulations, while providing an optimal user experience.

 Your tailor-made project

Do you want to develop your natural products offer without having to manage the development and manufacturing yourself ?

We offer a range of innovative products and services that can be adapted to your needs. At every stage of your project, you benefit from our expertise.

Step 1
Study of your Project

We analyse your project in depth to offer you a tailor-made solution, taking into account every detail and specificity. 

Step 2
Research & Development

Depending on the needs of your project, we develop innovative formulas and ensure the supply of quality raw materials, thus bringing together all the necessary resources for the success of your product. 

Step 3
Design & Graphics

Need our know-how for your project ? If you wish, we can create your graphic design and visual identity.

Step 4
Quality & Regulatory Service

Take advantage of our comprehensive regulatory support, rigorous internal quality control, and product traceability at every stage. 

Step 5
Manufacturing & Packaging

Our team manufactures your products with care and packages them directly in our warehouses, guaranteeing optimal quality and efficient management. 

Step 6
Storage & Shipping

We offer flexible logistics with shipping capacity in France and abroad. Your products can be stored in our warehouses before shipment or sent directly to a logistics platform, depending on your needs. 

 The Bel Air Distillery

Our team

We have a team of specialists with targeted and complementary skills, guaranteeing a 360° analysis of your projects, and the expertise of our solutions.

Our commitments

We support the development of products that are ever more natural, promoting the health of people, animals and their environment.

Every step, from field to bottle, is designed to give back to the Earth more than the production has consumed, ensuring ecosystems are improved for future generations.

Our Certifications

Our raw materials, carefully produced by us or selected according to our responsible sourcing practices, are 100% natural.  We have the following certifications to meet your needs : 

  • Organic Farming ECOCERT
  • COSMOS ORGANIC - Organic and natural cosmetics ECOCERT
  • ECOCERT Organic Home Fragrances
  • ECODETERGENT - ECOCERT cleaning products
  • ECOPETCARE - ECOCERT pet care and hygiene products